What is NitStuff

Nitstuff is a plant-based product assisting in head lice prevention and has a long history of safe, effective and affordable use. With clinical trials to support its claim, Nitstuff will help prevent head lice and its associated problems head lice brings to many families with school-aged children. 

Imagine an invisible shield applied daily to help prevent head lice!


Applied daily to the hair focusing around the hair line, NitStuff will greatly assist in the prevention of human head lice infestation.

Premium-grade essential oils and gentle wheat protein ingredients provide quality and reliability with a pleasant natural fragrance.

Nitstuff is designed to nourish and detangle without leaving hair feeling greasy.

NitStuff is simply applied to wet or dry hair every morning before leaving home and is suitable for use by the whole family.

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

'Getting head lice is not a sign of poor hygiene, so don't be embarrassed if your child gets them. In fact, head lice prefer clean hair because it allows them to move from hair to hair more easily.'

Source: www.kidspot.com.au

*NitStuff helps prevent head lice (it is NOT a treatment for nit infestation).

Benefits of Nitstuff

  • Only premium grade essentials oils are used in manufacturing
  • Leaves hair soft and silky
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Reduces embarrassment and frustration often experienced with head lice
  • It is safe and gentle to use on toddlers going to pre-school
  • An active ingredient Tea Tree Oil is a proven natural repellent
  • Comes in two convenient sizes
  • Saves precious TIME AND MONEY
  • Mild pH for sensitive skin