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Nitstuff is a plant-based preventative and detangler in one. It is a unique and quality product that saves precious time and money for families. Simply spray daily to help prevent head lice.

Helping families prevent head lice

Preventing head lice is easier and more affordable than treating it.







Our Happy Clients

  • "I just wanted to say how much better your packaging looks now! I think nitstuff is a great product (I use it every morning on my children's hair before school) and now your visual identity matches the quality of the product. Love it!"

  • "I use it every day. I swear by it and tell all my friends and family about it. Love it"
    Jacqui, Newcastle

  • "Fantastic invention girls. I’m so glad that my kids won’t get lice again. If you haven’t had head lice before you don’t realise how hard it is to get rid of. Love the smell and feel of the kids hair. Love it!!!! Love it! Have nearly finished the first bottle and have to say that Addison’s hair has never felt nicer and it doesn’t affect her asthma. After Addison having head lice twice last term I cannot express how happy I am with not having to deal with head lice again. Best product ever !!!"
    Kim, Newcastle

  • "We have used your product for 6 years now. Both kids in school, and not a single case of nits ever. Even when notes have come home that someone in the class has had them."
    Megan, Newcastle

  • "As a single father of 2 gorgeous young girls Caitlin (6) and Brenna (3) I have been using the NitStuff preventative mist spray on my girls hair every morning before school and day care for about 6 months. My girls commented saying smells better, hair is soft daddy and doesn’t hurt when brushing (helps with tangles, added bonus I wasn’t expecting). I highly recommend giving NitStuff a try against any head lice preventative you may be using currently, my girls are nit free with shinny soft manageable hair, that looks and smells terrific. I’m converted and I’m sure you will be too, after giving NitStuff a go."
    Nathan, Newcastle

  • "I love NitStuff! Since my little boy started school we have had recurring problems with nits. Working in a chemist I tried EVERYTHING on the market, including a preventative spray but they kept coming back. It was costing us a fortune and was very frustrating for the whole family. My toddler even caught them. I saw NitStuff on Facebook and thought it was worth a try – nothing else was working. At first I was a bit hesitant as my eldest son has eczema and tends to have skin flares up with certain products but I’m happy to say we have had no reactions and best of all no nits. We have made NitStuff part of our daily routine. At first my 6 year old didn’t like having spray in his hair but after a week he said “Mum that stuff smells really beautiful”. Thanks Nat and Mel, NitStuff is awesome!"
    Paula, Newcastle

  • "Great work ladies… It is very popular at our – The Headlice removal clinic East Gosford and Belmont… Our clients love this product. "
    Tracey, Central Coast

Where you can find NitStuff


NitStuff is available in selected pharmacies and hair salons.


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